Your goals are personal.

Your financial plan should be too.

We believe that there is much more to wealth management than simply creating a portfolio and making investments. It’s about taking the time necessary to understand what is most important to you, including your passions, plans, and purpose. This begins with a deep discovery process to truly appreciate your current financial picture and defining your personal goals.


Step 1

Getting to Know You

  • Understanding your financial picture
  • Identifying your needs, wants, and dreams
  • Recognizing your concerns and challenges
Step 2

Developing a Financial Profile and Comprehensive Wealth Management Plan

  • Family dynamics
  • Plan development
  • Asset management
  • Risk management strategies
  • Retirement plans and company benefits
  • Retirement income planning strategies
  • Insurance and asset protection strategies
  • Legacy planning and philanthropy
  • Coordination with tax and legal advisors, as needed
Step 3

Strategies Meeting

  • Discuss and review comprehensive wealth management strategies, including income generation and tax planning strategies
  • Personalize action plan, investment strategies, and portfolio

Step 4

Strategies Implementation

  • Open new investment accounts
  • Transfer accounts
Step 5

Periodically Review, Refine, and Realign

  • Periodically review investment portfolio with you
  • Discuss goals, income needs, and risk management strategies
  • Develop strategies that align with your needs as life changes



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